Launching Winter 2019!

Let us come to you! Perfect for company parties, dinners, and large group events, Exitus can provide a quick(ish), table top, mobile riddle box that will be sure to challenge and entertain your staff, clients, congregation, friends or families.

Average time for solving is about 20-40 minutes and each box can accommodate up to 4-ish people per table. With 4 separate boxes we can host group sizes of up to 20 people. YOWZA!  (We no longer operate an escape room.)

  • Our game masters can be added to facilitate groups, introduce the mission, deliver hints, and to make sure that all’s well that ends well.
  • Alternatively, you can be the Game Master, and we provide the training for you!

Good for all ages, though we suggest 10 and up.

  • Cost depends on group size and location, so please submit an email inquiry or call 307-264-0223.

  • We will provide you with Game Master training or you may hire one of our fun Game Masters

  • You pick up our riddle boxes and return them when you are finished.

  • Must be booked at least 1 week in advance – Learn more

Exitus Escape Room

Who will enjoy our Exitus Games Escape Room riddle box puzzles?

Date / Ladies night

You’ve worked hard all week and you just need an ESCAPE from it all (see how clever we are?).

Spice it up a little bit and throw this unique experience in the mix of things to do on your hard earned night on the town. We do have one caveat, though. Since you’ll need your beautiful brain firing on all synapses, we suggest coming in before you down too many bellinis.

So grab your gals, your pals or your special lova and bring our Exitus games to your party!



Rainy Day Activities to do in Jackson Hole

Off season group activities and entertainment

Off season in Jackson– oh how we locals long for that time. Twice a year our fair town is returned to us, quiet, peaceful, serene. We can finally get across town square without fear of hitting (or being hit by) someone. The streets are no longer clogged with RVs –towing SUVs–towing trailers. The locals smile again. Your servers and bartenders have time to actually engage with you.  And you can finally make that left turn onto Broadway. Yes, off-season is the ticket around here. But if you’re not one of the lucky ones fleeing the hills for warmer climes and international adventures, things can get a little boring. But fear not friends, I am whipping up a small list of activities to keep your mojo running and your need for adventure sated.

1. Bowling.

No surprise here, but Jackson houses one of the most classiest bowling alleys I have ever been to. Forget about that stuffy, depressing, weird smelling bowling alley you’re used to, where all you can get is a flaccid hot dog and a bud light. This place is one classy joint! Hole Bowl offers a jazzed up, hipster bowling scene with great food (say what?), good music and a big city vibe. Not into bowling? Pop a squat at the Pinsetter Restaurant or pull up a stool at their tres-chic bar and enjoy an incredibly eclectic menu and cocktail list. The bowling alley is a happening place so call to reserve your lane.

Exitus Escape Room

2. Exitus Escape Room

Guys, don’t knock it until you try it. Yes, it’s true; groups of people are willingly getting locked in a themed room to see if they are smart enough to get out. Really! This a thing. A really fun thing to boot! Teams work together using logic, wit, and creative thinking to solve a labyrinth of puzzles in order to get out of the room….all in under an hour! It’s like Clue meets Saw, but nobody is required to chop off a limb in order to survive. Perfect for groups looking for team building exercises, families wanting a good old-fashioned bonding experience, bachelor/bachelorette parties, date night, ladies night or anybody looking to flex their brain muscles and prove their intellectual mettle. If you are looking for something to do in that boring time between seasons or a rainy, drizzly day, this is an excellent activity.  Exitus didn’t invent the wheel here, people. Escape Rooms are popping up all over the world and this is a great addition to our little community. As many of us know, when the rain comes, before the snow falls, there isn’t much to do. Until now. Exitus Escape Room takes appointments so book your reservation ahead of time.


3. Healing Waters

We Jacksonites are notably proactive with our health and wellness and as my mom would put it “you can’t swing a cat without hitting a self-proclaimed yogi in Jackson” (pardon the graphic idiom, but come on–am I right or am I right?) Well, enter Healing Waters, the latest addition to our health-conscious community! Get your float on and experience zero gravity in these incredibly therapeutic sensory deprivation pods. In a world that is overrun with a constant buzz from gadgets and gizmos, Healing Waters offers an escape from the stress and sensory overload of the world at large. The gravity free environment of these salt water pods creates a mind-body serenity and has been used to help depression, PTSD, high blood pressure and even addiction.  Clear your mind, relax and reset! Book an appointment at Healing Waters and float on to a calmer, more centered you.


4. Volunteer

Philanthropy is trendy in Jackson and with around 250 non-profit organizations operating in Teton County, there is no shortage of opportunity to pitch in to help out. While it might be off-season for some of us, the hard working folks making Jackson a better place never run out of a need for volunteers. Flex your greed to give drive and dive into the world of food rescue with the ladies at Hole Food Rescue. Are animals more your thing? Get your fur-baby fix at the Animal Adoption Center by taking a pup for a walk, or have a slumber party and foster one for the weekend. For a full list of volunteer opportunities check out Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Non-Prof Directory.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks. With an open mind and a little creativity you should have no problem keeping yourself adequately entertained during the off-season in Jackson Hole.

Brandi’s Exitus Escape Room Blog


Jackson Hole Exitus Escape Room

My story about the struggles of the good and the bad of starting a group activity business in Jackson Hole

In February of 2017 I finally got off my rump and did something I had been talking (and talking and talking) about for years; I started a business. Just a small little entertainment business by the name of Exitus Escape Room in downtown Jackson Hole, WY. And for the first time in years I felt proud to answer when people asked me what I did for a living. Yes, I am a business owner. In Jackson Hole, nonetheless. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Well, let me tell you. It is. Until it isn’t. Sure, there are certain perks to being your own boss. But there are also pitfalls. I am going to share my experience of the first 6 months of being a business owner and doing it all myself.

First, the good about starting a Group Activity “Exitus Escape Room” in Jackson Hole

  1. I get to bring my dog to work. This, my friends, is indeed a dream come true. After spending a lifetime working in bars and restaurants (where 4 legged furry creatures are not embraced, or sanitary) all I wanted was to have my pal, my partner, my snuggle buddy and confidant at my side (or under my desk) while I toiled to earn a buck. Done and done. Kipper, the aged and blind muttling I love so much, spends most days at the shop with me, ping-ponging around because she can’t see a lick, and stinking up the joint with her old-dog farts. She greets the guests and offers me a great excuse to procrastinate because, surely, she needs more kisses.  It’s a beautiful thing, really. And I have yet to have one single person not want to love on her. So we are making friends together, and it. Is. Awesome.
  2. I can have a glass of wine whenever I want toNow, I say this at the risk of you thinking I must be a drunk. I am not, I assure you. But it is oh-so nice to be able to crack a beer or have a glass of wine and say, write a blog about the trials and tribulations of owning a business. I can drink a glass of wine, sit in one of my escape rooms and brainstorm ideas for the next iteration. I can crack a beer and do my game master duties while a group of Escapologists test their wits and try to escape a locked room. After years of working with business owners and managers that could do whatever the hell they wanted, whenever they wanted, all the while enforcing  the “do as I say and not as I do” rule, having this autonomy is refreshing and makes me feel like an adult. Not a luxury to be abused, mind you, but still really an awesome privilege.
  3. I don’t have anyone telling me what to do. Well, outside of financial and governmental institutions that is. But for the first time in my life I have no one breathing down my neck, making sure I am doing my job correctly.  Or that I did all my side work or rolled enough silverware. Or that I didn’t accidentally give someone a bitch face (admittedly, I have some serious RBF, but what can I do, IT’S MY FACE). I make my own rules. If I don’t show up until 3pm that’s okay–I’m the boss!  I can wear what I want, which means no more unflattering uniforms or ugly (albeit comfortable) kitchen-friendly shoes. If it’s slow, I can knock off early. Certain things I can even do from the comfort of my own couch (though, sadly, this is not a particularly productive locale).

And then the parts nobody tells you about….

Now for some of the down sides of business ownership. I am not writing this to bring people down or try to discourage anyone from following their dreams. I am simply trying to bring about a well-rounded version of what it’s like to be your own boss. Or at least my experience. So please take this with a grain of salt. Everyone will have their own, unique experience.

  1. Exitus Escape RoomI don’t have anyone telling me what to do. Yes, while I have this listed as a perk it can also be a pitfall. There are days when I actually miss having a set list of tasks to do, created for me by someone else. There are days when I actually miss being managed. Because, let’s face it–some days I am so overwhelmed that I do not know where to start or how to begin and if I just had someone to point me in the right direction or tell me what to do I could at least start to get something accomplished. And if I am to be completely honest, I am not a great self-starter and am horrible with time management. Now that I have to move under my own steam and there isn’t anybody to pick up my slack there is a lot more pressure to stay on point. The fate of my business is in my hands alone and I don’t have anybody to blame but myself when things go wrong or don’t get done.
  2. I never have a day off. I mean never. Even if I am not physically at the shop it is always on my mind. It creeps (more like charges) into my dreams  When I am at the shop I want to be somewhere else. When I  am not at the shop I get stressed out feeling like I should be at the shop.  I am constantly checking my email. I am more attached to my phone than I  ever cared to be. Since I am doing this on my own and do not have any employees I do literally everything. Bookkeeping, marketing, office inventory, cleaning, customer service, planning new rooms….all this while running the day to day operations. And most of this stuff I have zero experience in so I am having to teach myself along the way. It literally takes me 3 hours to get a simple MailChimp campaign out. This blog? I am on day 2.  Creating an ad on social media is much more complex than it looks when you take into consideration content, target audience, duration, budget, cost per click yadda, yadda. I am getting better, but this marketing thing could be a full time job. I feel like I have no idea what I am doing and the success of advertising is never a guarantee, not to mention it is staggeringly expensive.
  3. I really have to mind my P’s and Q’s now.  I an not a wild party animal or anything (um, anymore), but I do have to be on my best behavior in public and on social media. I have a  propensity to speak  my mind when it comes to things like local and national politics and when you run a business in a small town it’s really not a good idea to go spouting off in a public manner.  You just never know who you’re going to offend, and trust me, someone will get offended. And they will tell their friends. While part of me would like to say “I don’t need his business anyways”, that is a big, fat lie. I do. I absolutely cannot afford to alienate anyone at this point. So I have to learn to keep my big, opinionated mouth shut when I am in mixed company and have to stay (mostly) out of social media arguments that I feel passionate about. As the one and only face of my business I have to put my best self forward every time. That takes a lot of energy.

So there you have it. One girl’s experience in the first 6 months of business ownership. Did I touch on everything? Absolutely not. Do I regret quitting a job that I didn’t love but where I made money at to start a business that I have not been able to pay myself  as of yet? Nah, it’s cool. I will get there. Fail is a 4 letter word, and I am not allowed to swear in public anymore. -by Brandi Weesen