JHXG Jackson hole Experience Group

The jhxg Approach

We focus on excellence rather than cheap.  Providing a high level of service is what thrills us, and we love thrilling you and yours!  JHXG experiences are easy to book and we promise you will be happy you chose to spend time with us.

The jhxg Story

We started with one vacation activity business in Jackson hole, and discovered we are really good at providing nice people with their, “best day ever!”  In 2017, we answered your call, and are now offering more activities! 

Our focus is on unique activities and all are private for your group only.  Our coaches are all trained in the basics of human psychology so that we can best help your group connect with each other.  Successful people appreciate that time is a precious resource, and we design activities to optimize your time and to achieve the most interpersonal benefits.

Meet the jhxg leadership Team

Our team is the best!  We think that recruiting, selecting, training and retaining the best guides in Jackson Hole is the most important part of serving you with excellence!  We love serving our guests!

Shepard Humphries

Founder & President Shepard Humphries is a serial entrepreneur, and loves creating fun activities for fun people!  

Jackson Hole Experience Group Shepard Humphries

Lynn Sherwood

Co-founder, CEO & CFO Lynn Sherwood is a serial entrepreneur, and loves creating fun activities for fun people!  Lynn serves on advisory board for JHXG while her full-time profession is as an author and advocate for end of life issues.

Lynn Sherwood Experience group

Next Steps…

We are here to serve you!   Contact us for more information!